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Aug 26, 2008


M is a popular anonymous 'love coach' who solves love problems for guys through the internet from his blog "Goda".

BURHAN, is secretly in love with ADELA but is unable to express his love to her mainly because she is the daughter of his boss. Burhan seeks help from M.

SANYA, a journalist, is convinced that M is a 'loser' in real life. Keen on finding out more for an article that she's writing, Sanya becomes increasingly obsessed with M and launches a nationwide search to unravel M's identity.

Sharp, funny, dramatic, Goda is about young men putting the gears into the game of seduction. In each episode, Goda follows the unravelling drama in Sanya, Burhan and Adela's lives. We also see M in 'action' through his blog, narrating advice to a different guy in each episode about getting seduction right.

Will Sanya find out M's true identity?

Will Sanya give her ex, Zul a second chance?

Will Burhan get his Adela?

All in Goda.

Status: Running.
Please check Tv schedule below for the upcoming episodes.